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2010 | At that time still in the work with young people Arjen Hoti began with his first events. Many guests, mainly young people under the age of 16, were already excited by his music at that time.


2012 | At the age of 14 Arjen Hoti started playing at several events. Most of them were only allowed from the age of 16.

With a friend Arjen Hoti later founded the event label Colouredmusic. This gave him the opportunity to host his own events.


In the same year he founded a youth-club to organize events. That was in the old Bunker of Belp.


2014 | At the age of 17 Arjen Hoti started a series of events: "FARBRAUSCH FESTIVAL". This took place for the first time in the Gaskessel in Bern and was attended by more than 400 guests.


2015 | The first single Arjen Hoti released was "Rest Of The World" with Shayen Hofmann. The EDM single was listened to almost five thousand times on YouTube.


2016 | SAAVI was born. The artist and brand name gives the new music style its signature. Today the music goes in the same direction as Future House and EDM.


During this year SAAVI played at various events. For example at the Open Air Gampel.


2017 | SAAVI releases a new single "Afraid".

He also starts the production of several new singles. These will be released at the end of 2018 with another Farbrausch Festival.



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